The Legacy of the Rose – Gardening with the RHS at Keyneston Mill

We are delighted to join the RHS garden family. Listen to Gardening with the RHS podcast, to discover The Legacy of the Rose with our founder Julia Bridger.

“It’s almost a year since Zehra Zaidi told us the remarkable story of John Ystumllyn, an 18th century African gardener in North Wales, as part of our Hidden Horticulturists series. This week she’s back with the joyful news of a new rose that has just been launched to commemorate his life. It’s believed to be the first rose named after an ethnic minority Briton.
Author Simon Morley tells how a fusion of Chinese and European rose species created the repeat-flowering garden roses we know and love today, and Julia Bridger of Keyneston Mill in Dorset explains the history and selection of roses grown for fragrance.”
Selected roses mentioned: ‘John Ystumllyn’, ‘Lady Hillingdon’, ‘Maigold’, Rosa damascenaRosa centifolia, ‘Champagne Moment’, ‘Hot Chocolate’, ‘Enchantress’