A Tribute To Edith EDP

Rich, floral and sensuous. Fresh for hot summer evenings. We recommend our rose-geranium fragrance in 15ml hand bag spray, 50ml or 100ml Eau de parfum          

The top-quality rose-scented geranium oil used in A Tribute to Edith is grown and distilled at Parterre’s botanic estate.  Elements of citrus and mint in the oil result in a rose scent which is rich but also contemporary and vibrant.

TOP NOTES Geranium. Whiskey. Rhubarb

HEART NOTES Rose. Yarrow. Davana

BASE NOTES Patchouli. Sandalwood. Benzoin


Each fragrance comes with a free sample and free return, so that you can try a fragrance and return it if it’s not for you.


We create these genuinely rare fragrances by working with the natural elements of the environment and the extraordinary world of plants and their botanical properties. Each year a finite number of bottles of perfume are created from each extraction, to offer a true limited edition eau de parfum.

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