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NEW Perfume Exhibition FREE to all our visitors

Through Smoke to the Gods  

Taking you around the estate, this free indoor-outdoor exhibition leads you through the extraordinary history of perfume from ancient Egypt to the present day.  With interactive displays, and a remarkable selection of rare plants, unusual ingredients and high-quality essential oils to sniff along the way, there is so much to discover. Perhaps you will be transported to Morocco or Zanzibar as you inhale the scent of star anise, cinnamon & nutmeg, or maybe you will dream of Sicilian summers as you relax among the bergamot & lemon trees in their winter home, the Citrus poly tunnel.  Whether you browse for a few minutes in the Perfumery & Distillery, or decide to spend an afternoon walking around the estate and taking in the displays in the two geo domes, you are guaranteed to find some compelling perfume stories – and aromas – to capture your attention.

Open December 2021 until 28 February 2022.  FREE Entry

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