Perfume Experiences

Here at Keyneston Mill we pride ourselves on the unique Perfume Experiences we host. The key ingredients for all Parterre Fragrances are grown and distilled at Keyneston Mill. The skilled team oversee the production process from seeds and seedlings, through planting in the crop fields, to harvest and distillation. The intensity of fragrance is achieved through care and nurturing of the plants, and picking at the optimum moment. It’s knowing what to grow and when to grow – but also when to harvest, distill and refine.

Once the extracts are ready, they are sent to Master Perfumer, Jacques Chabert at his laboratory in Grasse, where he, his daughters and his team use their skill and artistry, incorporating the rare and unusual Parterre essential oils in their creations. Collaborating with the Parterre team, the result is outstanding, beautifully crafted fragrances. You can find out more by joining us for a Workshop at Keyneston Mill.

Our Perfume Workshops

The Secrets of Scent

The Secrets of Scent & Perfume Making

Perfume Making