Paintings & Ceramics By Jan Dagley

28 May To 31st August 2022. 

An exciting exhibition of large-scale, contemporary ceramics located predominantly outdoors in the gardens at Keyneston Mill, with paintings and additional ceramics in our indoor exhibition space.

Jan’s work revolves around her study of synaesthesia – the neurological condition in which information meant to stimulate one of our senses, connects to our other senses.

She started by exploring the boundaries between literature and the visual arts, focusing on Japanese haiku and producing monoprints and collage in response to these poems.  Her recent work reflects the olfactory sense, and the link between perfume and synaesthesia which informs the multisensory work in this exhibition.

Jan says “I have interviewed many synaesthetes and been amazed by the rich and unusual mental images they see. Why on earth should Wednesday be emerald green or the number three be a purple zigzag? I merge boundaries to see how smells, painting, poetry and ceramics can work together, and engage with the audience in a new and immersive way. ”

All artworks are inspired by parterre perfumes, reflecting their fragrance, colours, shapes and tactile qualities.

Jan has an MA in fine art,  a degree in english language & literature and has exhibited widely in the uk.  She has recently completed an MA in ceramics at university college of the arts, gaining a distinction.

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